Vietnamese street food


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Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner 

At 3 Mien Restaurant, we proudly and confidently bring you the most authentic Vietnamese food. Inspired by a healthy french influence culinary history, our chef seeks to bring harmony and balance to his dishes with taste, texture, colour and the freshest ingredients all designed to surprise and delight the palette.


This relaxed and informal restaurant offers you the very sense of Viet Nam. Our finely selected menus recreate the flavours from Ha Noi, Da Nang and Sai Gon - 3 well-known cities of our country.

Join us at 3 Mien - E17EZ London- experience the full vibrancy and excitement of Vietnamese cuisine.

64 Middlesex Street, Spitafield, London E17EZ  |   020 7247 3344   |   manager@3mien.co.uk


Pho is the distinguished national dish of Vietnam. 

​This famous Vietnamese sandwich has been consistently ranked as one of the world’s best sandwich.